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WHMCS V6.1.0 RC 1
ADDON-5948 - Tax Exempt status should be removed when changing country to home country
ADDON-5968 - Use 24 Hour Clock in Project Management Time Picker
Also known as: ADDON-5962
CORE-6256 (#2998) - Block existing domains checks are inaccurate under certain conditions
CORE-8582 - Allow choosing number of years for registration in domain checker
CORE-8683 - Implement new order form: Premium Comparison
CORE-8684 - Implement new order form: Pure Comparison
CORE-8685 - Implement new order form: Cloud Slider
CORE-8692 - Implement new order form: Standard Cart
CORE-8723 - Interworx route call 4th parameter should be array
CORE-8737 - Implement support for eWay Rapid API Token Payments method
CORE-8739 - Deprecate previous eWay module(s)
CORE-8751 - Implement concept of Product Group Features to Product Groups
CORE-8782 - Implement ability for an admin to define a headline for a product group
CORE-8784 - Implement ability to define a product or bundle as the featured item within a product group
CORE-8800 - Maxmind module should ignore postal code and other warnings
CORE-8851 - Include product bundles in admin area products list UI for easier sorting/management
CORE-8869 - Introduce Custom Fields API Functions for easier manipulation
CORE-8900 - PDF Letter Size Setting Non-Functional
CORE-8902 - Implement email notification option on manual unsuspend from within the admin area
CORE-8907 - Improve performance when performing domain availability check with large number TLDs configured
CORE-8911 (#4299) - Introduce Guzzle to vendor components for HTTP requests
CORE-8914 - Pay All button should be hidden when Mass Payment is disabled
CORE-8918 - Starting database backups cron log entry appears duplicated
CORE-8922 - Email subjects should allow Smarty conditional logic
CORE-8946 - Registrar module passwords are lost upon re-save
CORE-8951 - Introduce support for Custom MySQL Port with PDO Connections
CORE-8962 - Network Issue status colors do not render for languages other than English
CORE-8981 - Six template header login link should use SSL when available
CORE-8989 - Add support for custom ticket status display colors to Recent Support Tickets homepage panel
CORE-8990 - Add refresh license button to license info page
CORE-8991 - Introduce Health & Updates Page
CORE-8994 - Project Management Addon: Fix attachment file upload paths in client area
CORE-8997 - Prevent fatal error when using quick upload to add a file to a product
CORE-9003 - eWay Tokens module doesn't handle all errors
CORE-9006 - Update Font Awesome library to Version 4.4
CORE-9012 - Consolidate range slider javascript in Cloud Slider template
CORE-9019 - Auto migrate project management uploads to correct path
CORE-9025 - Redesign admin area product group configuration UI
CORE-9032 - Slider position in Cloud Slider should respect featured product options
CORE-9033 - Cloud Slider slider bar honors decimal points
CORE-9036 - Hook ClientAreaPageProductDetails does not set variables for Product Details Pages rendered by a module specific template
CORE-9039 - New order form product selection pages should display group name when no headline set
CORE-9041 - SagePay rejects local IPv6 IP address
CORE-9042 - Cannot login as client on Boxes order form template
CORE-9044 - Namecheap rejects local IPv6 IP
CORE-9046 - Unsuspend email should always send if requested manually regardless of email template disabled state
CORE-9047 - Move permissions for WHMCS Connect and Health and Updates to appropriate locations
CORE-9048 - Update Standard Cart Order Form to use Headline and Tagline parameters
CORE-9049 - Prevent cron warnings appearing on first visit to Health & Updates page post upgrade
CORE-9050 - Base Order Form Template product configuration step shows configurable options heading when none exist
CORE-9054 - Add support for spaces to order form template names
CORE-9072 - Promo code icon hovers outside of box
VSIX-85 - Password reset page should redirect to client area if logged in
Also known as: CORE-8205
VSIX-103 - Create sample announcement at install time
VSIX-329 - Missing client language directory results in an uncaught fatal exception
VSIX-405 - Preserve input values on validation error in Whois Update
VSIX-581 - Ensure key ticket information is included when ticket is printed with sidebars hidden

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